Free Online Courses by PRACE

PRACE MOOCs keep you learing during lockdown. PRACE is running a new MPI course and second run of the Python in HPC course in Future Learn later in this spring.

MPI: A Short Introduction to One-sided Communication 

Discover the advantages to one-sided communication in parallel programming.

Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a key standard for parallel computing architectures. On this course, you’ll learn the essential concepts of one-sided communication in MPI, as well as the advantages of the MPI communication model.

You’ll learn the details of how exactly MPI works, as well how to use Remote Memory Access (RMA) routines. Examples, exercises, and tests will be used to help you learn and explore.


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Python in High Performance Computing 

The Python programming language is popular in scientific computing because of the benefits it offers for fast code development. The performance of pure Python programs is often suboptimal, but there are ways to make them faster and more efficient.

On this course, you’ll find out how to identify performance bottlenecks, perform numerical computations efficiently, and extend Python with compiled code. You’ll learn various ways to optimise and parallelise Python programs, particularly in the context of scientific and high performance computing.


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