Betzy installation

Get ready: The most powerful supercomputer in Norway is almost complete

Sigma2 is pleased to announce that the Site Accepting Testing (SAT) for Betzy has started.

We have as most of us, had challenging times during the latter parts of the installation and tasting phase for the new Supercomputer Betzy, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. No major spare parts have been available due to factory shut downs both in China and in France and no vendor technicians have been on site since the travel ban was implemented a little over a month ago.

With great effort from local technicians and a good cooperation with the vendor, we have still managed to move forward. We are now happy to announce that we have moved into system acceptance testing (SAT), which is the final stage before the Pilot and Approval period can be initiated.

Betzy time schedule

The SAT will go on for approximately 2 weeks, after which we will start implementing our own software platform, and subsequently letting on pilot projects gradually.

The piloting phase will run through the summer holidays, after when the Preparation for Operations project will hand over the machine to the Operations Organization for full scale production.