SMEs, get into SHAPE!

The 11th Call for Applications to SHAPE is now open. Sigma2 encourages Norwegian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to apply.

Why apply for SHAPE? 

The 11th Call for Applications to SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) invites applications from European SMEs with an interesting idea that would benefit from High Performance Computing.

This pan-European initiative offers opportunity to get an introduction to HPC-based tools and techniques into your business innovation, operational, or production environment in order to increase competitiveness.

SHAPE is supported by the PRACE project. Successful applicants to the SHAPE programme will receive assistance from PRACE HPC experts and access to top-class PRACE Research Infrastructure.

How to apply?

Calls to the SHAPE programme run every six months. SMEs apply via an online form (guidance is available from Sigma2 at this stage if required). Applications are reviewed by a PRACE-appointed committee. 

The 11th Call open until 1 June 10:00. For more details on the SHAPE call, please visit the SHAPE Access page.

SHAPE Success Stories

Over 50 SMEs have already taken advantage of the opportunities opened up by being part of SHAPE. Examples can be found at the SHAPE Success Stories Archive