16 June: GPU Webinar for users of AMD (by the Sigma2 GPU-team and AMD)

[This workshop was supposed to take place on 9 June but is now postponed to 16 June]

Sigma2s GPU-team is arranging a GPU-workshop that will be conducted by AMD. The workshop will be hands-off (you are not required to bring your own software) and is best suited for users of AMD GPUs, such as those employed on the coming LUMI system.
Image of supercomputer Betzy with "GPU Webinar" written above.

Time: 16 June, 09.00 - 13.00

Topics that will be discussed are:

    • GCN/CDNA overview
    •  Memory Hierarchy
    •  HIP GPU Compute terminology
    • Compute units
  • HIP
    • Introduction to HIP
    • Core HIP API
    • Memory Management in HIP
    • Asynchronous computing with HIP
    • Tips & tricks
  • ROCm
    • Introduction to ROCm
    •  Porting CUDA & OpenACC codes to HIP
    • ROCm libraries
    • Multi-GPU RCCL/MPI with ROCm

Register for the workshop 

Registration deadline is 15 June, 3 pm.