Introduction of user contribution for national e-infrastructure

Sigma2 has got the green light to introduce our proposed user contribution model in order to increase the funding base for national e-infrastructure. The final decision was made by the Sigma2 board in May.


USER CONTRIBUTION MODEL: Specifications and detailed information

A new version of the user contribution model for funding of the national e-infrastructure has been approved by the Sigma2 Board of Directors. The model was sent to our administrative contacts at the universities for input and they have all given their feedback and acknowledged the model. The contribution model includes all programs within the Research Council of Norway and will also apply for TSD. 


How will the contribution model affect your future projects?

All projects with specific needs for e-infrastructure must budget for the cost of e-infrastructure resources in their applications to the Research Council of Norway (RNC) submitted after 25 June 2018. These projects can expect to contribute if they are in either of the following categories:

  • need HPC resources and the expcted project funding from RCN will be 15 MNOK or higher
  • need storage resources exceeding 10 TB for project storage. (Storage for long term archiving is free of charge).
  • need dedicated e-infrastructure resources

The model is not retroactive

The introduction of the model will not be retroactive. This means that projects which have already secured funding from the Research Council will not be affected by the introduction of this model. Only projects with fresh funding, e.g. applying for research funding after 25 June will have to pay. Sigma2 strongly advise all researchers to check the documentation of the individual RCN program for updated information when applying for funding. If there is a discrepancy between the information from Sigma2 and the Research Council, please let us know. 


Consequences for commercial projects?

Commercial research projects or projects with a need for dedicated resources can always apply for access to our services by paying accordingly. 


Backgound and previous process information: