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Launching the Co2 datashare portal

In February 2020, the CO2 Datashare launched a web-based digital portal for sharing reference datasets from pioneering CO2 storage projects. The new portal enables researchers and engineers to improve their understanding, reduce costs and minimize uncertainties associated with CO2 storage. 

The CO2 Datashare Portal was granted Advanced User Support from Sigma2. The digital platform of the CO2 Datashare Portal builds on Sigma2s infrastructure for data storage combined with a portal developed using the open-source software CKAN. CO2 capture, transport, and storage (CCS) is a process where CO2 emissions are captured from large industrial plants, transported in pipelines or ships, and stored in rocks deep beneath the surface so they will not enter the atmosphere. More than 3400 industrial CCS plants will be needed by 2050 if we are to mitigate the impact of climate change by meeting the critical target of no more than a two-degree rise above pre-industrial. Lack of relevant data has been a barrier for CCS research and deployment, a barrier that can be overcome by access to open data.
Therefore, the CO2 DataShare project was established to accelerate the deployment of CCS by providing open
access to CO2 storage data.

Illustration C02 Datashare portal.

The interest in CO2 storage just continues to grow. Now, a new reference dataset from Norway’s proposed Smeaheia storage field, developed by Equinor and Gassnova, is available on an open access basis for researchers and engineers around the world to use and learn from
Grethe Tangen, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF

CO2DataShare partners are SINTEF, Equinor, University of Illinois and IEAGHG.
The project is supported by the CLIMIT programme and US Department of Energy