LUMI system researcher meeting

Sigma2 is planning to conduct a reseacher meeting about the EuroHPC LUMI system. 

The EuroHPC LUMI system, in which Sigma2 holds a share of the computing capacity, is expected to enter production early 20201. Although this system will contain a large number of CPU nodes, it will be dominated by GPU nodes. For this reason, substantial funding will be available for porting and adapting large highly parallel research applications to the system.

With 2021 not being far away, we plan to conduct a researcher meeting with computing projects which might be relevant to the LUMI system. This meeting will be by invitation, and will most probably be conducted as a lunch to lunch meeting nearby the Gardermoen airport.

Who are the target groups?

The meeting aims to assemble key project managers, software specialists from the projects and from the operations organization, together with invited external experts. Researchers from academia, contract research organizations and industry are assumed to participate. The purpose is to identify possible target applications for LUMI, and to get insight into needed software engineering efforts in preparing the applications.

More information about this meeting will follow soon.