Migrating from Stallo and Vilje

This page is an information hub for the process of migrating national e-infrastructure projects from Stallo and Vilje.

Note that the page will be continuously updated as new information becomes available. Hence we recommend that you check this page frequently. Additionally, the most important messages will be communicated by e-mail.

A list of the latest changes is available on the bottom of this page.

Migration targets announced

The working group have reviewed the list of existing national projects and decided which machine(s) each project should be migrated to, based on computational characteristics and software needs provided in applications.
On this date, an e-mail will be sent out to project leaders with information about what machine(s) their projects will be migrated to.

What should you do?

We urge you as a project leader to do the following:

  • Reply back on the e-mail if there are any problems or concerns in regard to the decision.
  • Grant your users access to the migration target(s) via the project leader GUI on www.metacenter.no
Migration quota granted on new machines

We will provide a quota on the new infrastructure to help with migrating. The amount will be approximately 20% of the existing grants.

What should you do?

Projects should begin moving data out of Stallo or Vilje.
Additionally we recommend running some test jobs on the new cluster to ensure similar results.

Contact the metacenter if you need help with getting set up on the new environment. (support@metacenter.no)

Login nodes on Stallo closing

The login nodes on Stallo will be shut down, meaning you won't be able to access the system any more.

If you still have data that needs to be moved, it is very important that you contact us on migration@metacenter.no as fast as possible.

Login nodes on Vilje closing

The login nodes on Vilje will be shut down, meaning you won't be able to access the system any more.

If you still have data that needs to be moved, it is very important that you contact us on migration@metacenter.no as fast as possible.

Data deleted from old clusters

All data on the old filesystems will be wiped.

Please note: all dates are estimates and might be postponed if necessary.

We have set up a dynamic calendar that you can subscribe to for faster and easier access to the dates in our timeline.

Download the ICS file

Questions and answers

Does this include local projects on Stallo or Vilje?

No - Projects that have local allocations from either site which does not have a national project number (E.g NN1234K), is not included in the migration process.

These projects will have to apply for a new national projects if they intend to continue using the national e-infrastructure.
How to apply for a new project

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your local IT-department.

Which machine will my project be migrated to?

This will depend on your computional characteristics, such as how parallell your jobs are, how much memory you require, if you can utilize GPU etc.

You will get more detailed information about this by e-mail in due time before migrating.

Will you give my users access to new machines?

Project leaders are responsible for granting access to their active users on the resources they need to use.
This can be done via the PL GUI on metacenter.no - please refer to the instructions for managing users.

New users should apply for access as normal.

We need more storage quota on the new machine, what should I do?

All projects are granted 1 TiB of project storage as a default on the new machine they get an allocation on.
If your project require more than this, please read the documentation for storage areas for an overview of the different directories and their purposes.

Please contact sigma2@uninett.no if you need an increased project quota and inform about which machine, how much in total you need and a brief explanation.

Note: projects that require more than 10 TiB need to apply for an allocation on NIRD.

What will happen to my data?

Data that is left on the filesystems once the login nodes are closed may be permanently deleted. This applies to data from all directories.
The action is irreversible.

How can we tranfer our files to the new machine?

Please visit the documentation pages on how to transfer files.

If you need assistance, please contact the technical team on migration@metacenter.no

Contact us

Still have questions about the migration or need help?
Please contact us by e-mail on migration@metacenter.no

Do you think some information is missing from these pages or have feedback in general?
We would very much like to hear from you, let us know at sigma2@uninett.no

Latest changes

Monday, 18.01.21

  • Set dates for shutdown of login-nodes on Vilje and Stallo to TBA (To be announced). They were initially planned to shut down 01.12.20 and 31.12.20 respectively, but it was made possible to keep them up longer to make retrieval of data easier.

Thursday, 19.11.20

  • Removed the deadline for "Quotas on the old machines disabled", which were due 24.11.20, as we've decided to allow running jobs until the login nodes are closing.
  • Split out the deadline for the closing of login nodes, as Vilje will close 01.12.20 and Stallo 31.12.20.

Wednesday, 14.10.20

  • Pushed the date for 'login nodes closing' to 1.Dec 2020 and 'quota on old machines disabled' to 24.Nov 2020.

Monday, 28.09.20

  • Pushed the date for migration quotas to 1 October - period start for 2020.2.

Thursday, 20.08.20

  • Updated the timeline with new dates due to delays as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Friday, 10.07.20

  • Added a link to the dynamic calendar for the timeline that users may subscribe to.

Wednesday, 08.07.20

  • Added a tentative date for the following items in the timeline:
    • Migration quota granted on new clusters: 24 August
    • Quotas on the old clusters disabled: 24 September

Wednesday, 17.06.20

  • Added a date for item "Login nodes closing" in the timeline.
  • Updated the text below the timeline to clarify that the dates are estimates and subject to change.

Wednesday, 10.06.20

  • Added this changelog.
  • Added an item in the timeline, "Migration targets announced".
  • Added an entry to the FAQ with clarification for local projects, titeled "Does this include local projects on Stallo or Vilje?"