Migration to NIRD in progress

The migration of data to NIRD has started and the first users will get access during July.


On 9 June 2017, the Acceptance Testing for the new national storage infrastructure facility for research data, NIRD - National Infrastructure for Research Data was completed.

Hence, we entered into the final stage of its completion phase, contractually known as the Approval Period. The Approval Period consists of a 49-day period of test- and pre-production utilization. During this phase, migration of data will also commence and consequently this will enable pilot users access to the new facility.


When do users get access to NIRD?

Detailed information about how to access and use the new system will be issued to each individual project. The migration process will in total (all projects moved from NorStore Oslo to NIRD) take approximately 3,5 months to complete.

However, as we will migrate on a project by project basis, the ability to use the new infrastructure will be much sooner than that for the majority of users. It is anticipated that the first users can be given write access during July.

Satisfaction with the contractor

Sigma2 is very satisfied with the support and effort provided by our contractor during the installation and testing phase. This effort has contributed in a significant way to the good results we have achieved so far.