NCC Webinars

What business opportunities would lie ahead if you could utilise available technologies and be an early adopter?

The Norwegian Competence Centre for HPC (NCC) assists the industry, public and academic sectors in successfully using advanced technologies to improve and develop. 

Our monthly free webinars aim at everyone interested in tapping into the competence needed to take advantage of technologies such as High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).  

Below you will find information about upcoming webinars and how to register. 

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November: To be announced

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December: To be announced

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January: To be announced

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Here are some of the webinar themes you can look forward to:

  • Big data in the cloud
  • Scaling AI workload in HPC
  • Licensing

Previous NCC webinars and recordings

ML in an HPC context

In this webinar from 25 May, you learn more about machine learning (ML) and how this is fast becoming one of the biggest application areas in High-Performance Computing (HPC). Slide set from the webinar (PDF)

For many use cases, access to the computing resources of a single machine is no longer sufficient and scaling out is the only option. Add the growing size of data to train algorithms, and it’s no wonder many turn to clusters for their computing needs.

Meet Senior Engineer and Team Lead for the Norwegian research infrastructure service´s GPU team, Jørgen Nordmoen from USIT.

How to succeed in securing national and European funding, Part II

In this webinar from 19 April you we revisit the topic on how to secure national and European funding. You learn more about how you can take advantage of the help that is available.

You meet Eirik Andreassen from DigitalNorway and Ketil Rønning from SINTEF in addition to NCC experts Roger Kvam, Espen Flage-Larsen and Paal Skjetne.

(This webinar was conducted in Norwegian)

How to succeed in securing national and European funding, Part I

In this webinar from 29 March 2022 you get to learn more about how to apply for public funding, such as NFR and EU funds and how to get help.

In this webinar lead by Roger Kvam from the NCC, you meet Eirik Andreasen fra Digital Norway, NIls Helseth fra Digifarm, Aase Marie Hundere fra Forskningsrådet, Mathias Aquirre Havgar fra Innovation Norway and Jens Lehrman Seram Coatings.

(This webinar was conducted in Norwegian)

24 February: HPC in public and private cloud, Equinor

We met  with Equinor´s Hans Rune Bue to learn more about how Equinor has adapted cloud for some of their workloads, and what was required to ensure success.

Webinar: HPC in public and private cloud - presentation (pdf)

We are happy to support SMEs through workshops around the topics discussed by Equinor, for analyzing how this will apply to your use case, and the best methods to overcome the challenges. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Successful use of commercial cloud

In this webinar from 27 January 2022, we meet Age Bakke, CTO of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), or the Oil Fund.

Age, together with colleagues Håkon Brynildsen and Haakon Fjeldberg, let us know how it has been to leave the old data centre model in favour of internal ownership and the use of the commercial cloud.

As Age says: - Our philosophy is to never log on to a server.

(This webinar was conducted in Norwegian).