New data policy

For the 2020.1 resource allocation period starting 1 April, storage decommissioning procedures have been established for HPC and NIRD project storage. This should make project storage more predictable for the projects and the provisioning more sustainable to Sigma2.  

Computing projects

For computing projects, a fixed amount of project storage will be allocated to the project when starting computations on a resource. Access to project data will be removed right after the allocation period, unless the project is granted CPU time in the next period. Furthermore, a project's data will be deleted three months after the expiration of its last allocation. 

Storage projects

In NIRD, access to storage resources is removed right after the allocation period unless the project is granted storage in the next period. NIRD project data will be deleted six weeks into the second period without an allocation. 
In any event, project management will be informed by their registered email addresses before revoking access or deleting data, with ample time to apply for resources. User support for copying data will also be provided. Reminders will be sent to project leaders and administrators only, and it will be their responsibility to inform their project users. For this reason, it is important that the project leader registers additional administrators of the project, and in particular if not being an active user. 

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