New Sigma2 strategy

This autumn Sigma2 releases a new e-infrastructure strategy.

At their latest meeting in September the Sigma2 Board members agreed on a new strategy for UNINETT Sigma2.

Vision: To maximize the impact and return of scientific research by providing a sustainable, predictable and cost-efficient e-infrastructure. 

More than 1 600 researchers across Norway rely on e-infrastructure to transform data into the knowledge that drives progress. This knowledge again underpins the Norwegian economy, facilitates growth, job creation and innovation.

In order to fulfil its e-infrastructure vision to support and strengthen Norwegian research, Sigma2s new strategy identifies 3 areas to focus on for the coming years.  The new strategy is in several ways a sharpened version of the of our previous high level objectives.

1. Provide advanced compute and data services addressing user’s needs
This cover the core mission of Sigma2 and is the continuation of the basic services Sigma2 has provided and will continue to provide. The focus is on services for users that have large computational needs, large storage needs or other complex or specific needs that it makes sense to address with shared national services. At the same time we emphasize the focus on providing for actual user needs.

2. Facilitator for international research services, cloud based resources and common components 
This area now follows the trend we see where more services, beyond traditional HPC, will be provided both through cloud services and through international cooperation.  It will also make sure that our services can facilitate Open Science and FAIR principles when the research communities are moving in this direction.

3. Combine Sigma2 infrastructure with the capabilities and competencies of partner institutions to achieve cost-efficient research services
Sigma2 has and will continue to work very closely with our partner universities and their IT-departments.  This will give researchers exceptional access to the best competence available in Norway. It is important for us to have support and people available close to where we have a majority of our users.

Planning is now ongoing for putting this new strategy into operation and Sigma2 will keep you updated on developments related to this.