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Now it gets easier to receive and follow status notifications

On 20 March, we change to a new status notification system.

We hope you will find that the new system provides a quick and easy way to stay updated on incidents and operational information regarding the infrastructure services. The operational information is provided uniformly and should thus be faster and easier to read and understand, both for the present status and the timeline of an ongoing incident.

The new system allows for more automation and integrations so we can make notifications across multiple channels to make relevant information more available to you. You can also easily control what kind of information you want to receive by subscribing to notifications from specific systems. For example, if you only use one of our HPC machines, you may subscribe and receive information about this system solely. Please check the documentation (link below) if you use the current RSS feed to get notifications.

All you need to know about the new system is in our documentation.


Why are we changing systems?

We have received feedback from users over the past couple of years — both through the Annual User Survey and in customer meetings — that the notification system we have used until now has been tricky to follow. Knowing about downtime and incidents is essential information to our users. We are thus happy to launch a new and better system.