NIRD2020 status September 2022

The next generation NIRD storage system is installed and under site acceptance testing in Lefdal Mine Datacenter. We are now moving into the approval period (2 months), during which pilot users test the new infrastructure and data is migrated. 
We expect the system to be online and accessible from December 2022.

Let´s migrate!

What happens now, and what shall I do? Our Preparation for Operation Working Group (PoWG) has made a plan to migrate the data, services and users for those of you who have already got data on the current NIRD storage system.
The only thing you must do is clean up your dataset and remove duplicates and data that are no longer needed. You will receive instructions from the PoWG on how to do so.

Your project data and services will be silently migrated while you work on the current system. Shortly before officially launching the system, the current NIRD will be offline, and the final synchronization between the new and the old systems will occur. We strive to make the downtime period as short as possible.

Quotas on the new NIRD storage system

From the start of period 2022.2 on 1 October, the storage quotas and related services are allocated to the new system. This means you will keep the current quota on the old system until its end of life. You get the updated quota on the new NIRD when launching in December. Thus, you have to count on the current quota until December. Please contact us, if you have trouble because you already foresee significant data growth in the period of October to December 2022.

Backup or not backup? 

We take snapshots of the new NIRD to allow data restoration in case of accidental deletion. If you need increased redundancy in form of an extra copy of the dataset in a different location, you need to request this as an extra service. You will be also able to set up the inclusion/exclusion rule for each dataset yourself. Does it sound complicated? No problem, we will help you in making data management rules that best suit your needs. For the time being just start thinking: “do I need an extra copy on a different location for this data or not?”.  
If you have any questions regarding the migration process and the configuration of the account on the new NIRD, do not hesitate to contact the PoWG.

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