NIRD2020: The next-generation national storage infrastructure

Sigma2 is pleased to announce that the tender announcement for the NIRD2020 procurement has been sent out for publication and will be available from week 17/18, on and TED.

What is NIRD2020?  

NIRD2020 is the project aiming to procure and implement the next generation of Sigma2's national storage infrastructure. 

NIRD2020 Background and Goal 

The NIRD - National Infrastructure for Research Data, was set in production in 2017 and since then it has increased in data volume and services. Users are primarily scientists from public research and education institutions in Norway. NIRD is utilized for NIRD Data Storage hosting projects and NIRD Research Data Archive. Computing resources – NIRD Service Platform and NIRD Toolkit – are offered on NIRD, to support data-intensive computing, visualization, and post-/pre-processing. 

NIRD is currently being redesigned for the evolving needs of Norwegian researchers. 

The NIRD2020 projects’ major objective is to complete the acquisition of the NIRD2020 infrastructure that fulfils existing, emerging, and future user needs, in harmony with the local strategies, national and international collaborations. The national policies with regards to Open Access and Re-use of Research Data are guiding principles for the design of the new infrastructure. 

NIRD2020 Status 

The project has been organized according to the PRINCE2® project framework. During the planning phase, a thorough investigation of users’ needs, stakeholders' analysis, benefits realization analysis has been performed. During the execution phase, the architecture design for the future national storage infrastructure was translated into tender documents which will be the basis for the competition. The aim is to complete the tender process in late 2021.  

PRINCE2 Project Framework: a new milestone for Sigma2  

With NIRD2020, Sigma2 has made a great step forward in the adoption of the Prosjektveiviseren/PRINCE2® project framework, to ensure a solid foundation and high quality of important project deliveries and the best possible benefits for our users.