HPC training week at NTNU coming up

The HPC training course week this autumn takes place from 3 -12. September at NTNU.

The HPC course week at NTNU aims at providing scientists with the basics for effective usage of  High-performance Computing (HPC) facilities to support their research work. The training is always conducted twice a year, namely in February and September. 

Among the topics covered are: 

  • A walk through of cluster architectures. Amdahl's vs Gustafsons law. Simple MPI-calls, programs with MPI-collective
  • OpenMP Programming for CPU and GPU, and hybrid programming (MPI/OpenMP). (OpenMP for GPU is only in September)
  • MPI: Programming examples and Algorithms (Only in February) 
  • Parallel Matlab programming and distributed Matlab using MPI.


Next HPC training week from 3 -12. September

Various courses lectured over several afternoons in the beginning of September will give researchers an introduction to parallel programming, in particular.

In addition, a separate session on Introduction Jupyter Notebooks is planned for 29 August, which is a tutorial showing the basic use of Python in a Jupyter Notebook

All courses in the NTNU course week are held in English and free of charge.

Information about registration can be found at