Norwegian tsunami researchers awarded computing time from PRACE

PRACE has awarded 70 million computing hours in the 21th PRACE Call for Proposals to a Earth System Sciences research group, led by Dr. Finn Løvholt from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI).

Løvholts group is investigating tsunamis and a the original research article was recently published in Frontiers in Earth Science.

The computing resources were granted from one of Europe's fastest supercomputers called MACRONI-100, hosted by CINECA, the main centre for scientific computing in Italy.

This 21th PRACE Call received 63 eligible proposals, of which 51 were awarded with computing resources from some of Europe's most powerful computers after a rigorous scientific and technical peer review process.

Open for Norwegian researchers

The PRACE Calls provide a great opportunity for Norwegian researchers to apply for high-performance resources from Europe's fastest, Tier-0-class supercomputers. In this call, 10% of the total resources available were reserved for industrial applicants.

Sigma2 will be pleased to help in preparing applications, especially with the technical aspects like scalability requirements.