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Now sharing files becomes easier

We have changed our user work directory access policy so that users can grant read access to other users.  

Due to widespread demand, we have made a change in our policy that will allow users to grant other users read and execute permissions to the user work directory for e.g., debugging purposes. Note that write access to your user work directory cannot be granted to others. Your user work directory can be found in the path /cluster/work/users/$USER or $USERWORK.

Up until now the storage area in user work has been private, i.e., the permissions were set so that only the user could access this area.  

To allow others to read your work area, you may use the command: 

$ chmod o+rx $USERWORK 

Note that by doing so you will allow everyone on the machine to access your user work directory. 

For more information, please see the documentation on storage areas for HPC clusters