2-5 November: HPC and NIRD Toolkit User Course

We are planning a second hands-on training course for our users of the national HPC-systems in the first week of November. 

HPC and NIRD Toolkit training course

From 2 - 5. November 2021, we are offering a hands-on course week for current and future users of national HPC systems (Saga, Fram, Betzy) and the NIRD Toolkit.

The courses span for 4 half days, where each course day is starting at 08:50 and conclude at around 12:15 (3 sessions) or 13:15 (4 sessions).

Various topics will be covered, such as containers on HPC, installing software, GPU-sessions, as well as hands-on training on the NIRD Toolkit. Participants may thus choose the lectures which they are interested in.

The course is open to all users of these systems and is free of charge. 

Agenda, registration and practical information