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Performance evaluation of large applications

Preparations are being made for allocation period 2020.2, so that projects applying for more than a certain amount of computational resources will be asked to attach an Arm Performance Report (APR) alongside their application.


The introduction of APR will only affect projects running very large scale applications, with many CPU hours. The exact number of CPU hours are yet to be determined, but will most likely be above 1 million CPU hours. More information will be published closer to the 2020.2 allocation announcement.

Projects using resources below the threshold are not affected by this change, and are thus not required to submit an APR.

What is APR?

APR provides an overview of how well an application performs on highly parallel systems. The generated reports are usually in the form of a one-page HTML document or text file. You can learn more about APR in our documentation, or by reading the Arm Performance Reports User Guide.

Why APR?

Our motivation for asking for such a report is mainly to improve the resource usage, and we want to work together with our users to achieve that goal. These reports also provide an opportunity to identify bottlenecks early, and to offer advanced user support to overcome these.

Project leaders of projects that are required to submit an APR will receive further information by email alongside the announcement of the allocation period 2020.2.


How to submit an APR