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Press release: NORCE, SINTEF and Sigma2 partnering to establish the Norwegian EuroHPC CC

NORCE, SINTEF and Sigma2 have joined a two-year EU-project, EuroCC to establish the Norwegian EuroHPC Competence Center, funded by the EU and the Research Council of Norway.

EuroHPC is now facilitating the set-up of «Competence Centre» in every partner-state to provide permanent support to Big Industry and SMEs future users. Competence Centers will amongst other actvities support industry users to use HPC to much larger degree than today.

NORCE and SINTEF as partners

Together with NORCE and SINTEF, with their vast experience from industry, public sector, contractual research, development and innovation, the three partners will form a unique Competence Center for supporting and mentoring small and medium size enterprises in Norway, to increase use or adopt and take advantage of the benefits of HPC and services dependent on it to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage. 

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