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Prices for budgeting costs in applications to the Research Council

Due to upcoming changes in the collaboration agreement with the four partner universities, the contribution model will change in the near future, but details remain to be finalized. 

Remember to budget for storage and compute resources

Several research projects are now preparing proposals to be submitted to the Research Council of Norway (RCN). In coordination with the RCN, Sigma2 strongly recommends that you, in your application, budget the money needed to cover the full cost for storage (on NIRD) and compute resources required during the lifetime of the project, and eventually adjust it during the next negotiation phases with the RCN. 

Budget prices

The prices for budgeting (as of Nov 2020) for Sigma2’s resources are: 

  • 1260,- NOK per TB per year (only primary storage)  

  • 2190,- NOK per TB per year (including the second replica) 

  • 0.07 NOK per CPU hour 

Please note that Sigma2 expects a significant reduction of the prices for the storage services in August 2021 due to the new procurement of storage resources, therefore in time for the negotiation with the Research Council of Norway (autumn 2021). 

Example of current storage prices 

If you are planning to store 5 TB per year for 3 years, then your budget should include: 

  • 3*5*1260 = 18 900 NOK 

If you want a second replica for data security, the price is: 

  • 3*5*2190 = 32 850 NOK 


The user contribution model