Procurement: HPC A1 (Fram)

In 2016 Sigma2 and the four oldest universities arranged procurement process for a new HPC system and new storage infrastructure. The HPC system Fram has been installed at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø and started production October 2017.

HPC A1 Pre-study 

The pre-study for the procurement project was organized with different technical working groups consisting of experts in various technical fields and a reference group looking after the researchers and universities interests.

  • Notur technical group
  • NorStore technical group
  • Housing group
  • Reference group

A survey has been sent to all current Notur and Norstore projects, but also to potential new user communities, asking them for their requirements to a future e-infrastructure and services.  Meetings have also been conducted with research communities to inform about the plans and elicit more information from the user communities.

Board Decisions

September 2015:
The Board of Sigma2 has decided that the number of HPC-systems shall be reduced from four to two.

Market research for external housing providers
Researchers in Norway currently have four HPC-facilities available, one system located at each of the four oldest universities in Norway (UiO, UiB, UiT and NTNU). The Board of Sigma2 has decided that the number of HPC-systems shall be reduced from four to two. UNINETT Sigma2 will therefore conduct a market research for external providers, examining consequences of the following scenarios:

  • Shared location of the HPC facilities between two of the four universities
  • Shared location of the HPC facilities between one of the universities and one external vendor.
  • All HPC-facilities being located at an external vendor.

October 2015:
The Board of Sigma2 agrees that A1 + NorStore should be located at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, provided that it invests 5 million in cooling. Locating B1 +NorStore requires a new assessment regarding whether the best location is at UiB or NTNU or external. The Board asks the administration to submit a request to UiB and NTNU on revised rates for placement of B1 and NorStore.

An external procurement of housing with a fixed maximum price shall be initiated. If such a price is obtained, B1 + NorStore will be located externally and subsequently A2.

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