The procurement of the next generation Sigma2's national storage infrastructure

NIRD - The National Infrastructure for Research Data, is being redesigned for the evolving needs of Norwegian researchers. The procurement will be done through the NIRD2020 project.

NIRD was set in production in 2017 and since then it has increased in terms of both data volume and services. Users are primarily scientists from public research and education institutions in Norway. 

NIRD storage is utilized for NIRD Data Storage and NIRD Research Data Archive. Computing resources are also offered on NIRD to support data intensive computing, AI/ML workflows, visualization and postpre-/pre-post-processing.  

NIRD2020 - Project Goal

The current NIRD must be replaced within a 1-2 years with a new resource. The NIRD2020 projects’ major objective is thus to complete the acquisition of the NIRD2020 infrastructure that fulfills existing, emerging and future user needs in harmony with the local strategies, national and international collaborations. The national policies with regards to Open Access and Re-use of Research Data are guiding principles for the design of the new infrastructure.  

In its current phase, the NIRD2020 project is focusing on the future architecture and is collecting the requirements for the new infrastructure by consulting several stakeholders.  

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Do you have inputs for the NIRD2020 project? 

Do you have inputs for the next generation Sigma2's national storage infrastructure? You are very welcome to share your input with Sigma2. Please do not hesitate to contact us