Project ANS 2018


Usage statistics, together with user surveys and discussions with stakeholders, have revealed needs for computational resources with very different characteristics. On one side we have data-driven (memory, IO) applications with low degree of parallelism, and on the other side, a growing need for resources with capabilities suitable for large (tightly coupled) applications.

Two separate competitions

To serve both needs with high efficiency and low TCO, Sigma2 has decided to invest in two separate technical solutions, and to do so through two separate procurements. The project name for the capability system is “ANS 2018 - B1”, and for the capacity system “ANS 2018-C1”. There will be two separate competitions for the two systems. 

The procurement of C1 will be aimed at resulting in a minimum amount of CPU with the required specifications and be ahead in time relative to B1, the capacity system.

Both systems will be installed at NTNU in Trondheim.