Project ANS 2020


Sigma2 is now in the process of planning the next procurement project, (derived from E-INFRA 2018). This project will consist of several sub-projects:

  • Storage Resources (NIRD2020 Project)
  • Procurement of a new HPC machine (A2)
  • Housing / Datasenter facilities
  • Procurement / Development of a new administrative system

Furthermore, the investments in the new EuroHPC - LUMI, the expansion of the NIRD Service Platform, and the expansion of the TSD are also planned in the framework of the ANS 2020 project, as well as the organization of a National Competence Center, in the context of EuroHPC. 

The ANS 2020 project is owned and managed by Sigma2.

Should you have questions regarding the ANS 2020 project, do not hesitate to contact us.