Project leader support

UNINETT Sigma2 provides support services for all issuses related to administration of the national resource allocation. 

In addition, UNINETT Sigma2 is also responsible for development and coordination of the support systems Metacenter Administrative System (MAS) and SGAS (Accouting System for usage and resources). Both systems are used to support the process for allocation, accounting and user administration, with the aim of making the services more efficient to administer and easy to use.

Sigma2 has developed a Graphical User Interface tool for in which project leaders may administrate their own projects by applying for e-infrastructure resources, extend and/or revoke user access and sign user applications. 

All inquiries concerning computing- and storage resources, in addition to advanced user support should be sent to


Useful resources for project leaders


Applying for e-infrastructure resources
Who can apply for projects?
Application evaluation
The Resource Allocation Committee
Project decommissioning policies


Using the Graphical User Interface (Coming soon)
Appying for resources for existing or new project
Applying for extra allocations
Manage user access (Coming soon)
Reporting usage through Cristin
Acknowledge the use of Sigma2 resources in publications