New administration system

This project will deliver a new administration system for the national e-infrastructure services.



The Metacentre Administration System (MAS) is a software solution that supports Sigma2´s processes in the administration of applications, projects and users. MAS is also used for reporting on the usage of the national services for high-performance computing and data storage. The current administration system has been used and developed since 2009.


Project objective and project product breakdown

The existing MAS system has served its purpose over many years. Over time, caused by new services, there has been a significant change and development in the user needs. This requires a major make-over of the system.

The project’s major objective is to enhance the user-experience and to meet the needs from relevant user-groups/stakeholders. The new MAS solution will be deployed in October 2022.


Project product breakdown structure


System that supports a new and improved service design for the RFK-process

The MAS shall be delivered on a new platform, Platon

CSV-export shall be made redundant as part of the process

System that supports new and improved user interface

A system that does not depend on the kind of projects

Reports and statistics that supports Sigma2´s mission


Procedures for dimensioning based on usage

Procedure for automatic reduction of quota if underused

Procedures for warning when quota is exhausted

Procedure for MAS operation and maintenance

Procedure for deployment of new or changed features


Guidelines for the RFK process

Help and support info adjusted to the new UI

Training of key-users

Support material from all users

Project organization

Project organisation map. Figure.


Feb 2022
The Project Initiation Documentation is approved by the project owner
April 2022
Resources allocated for development.
May 2022
Service design analyses completed
Aug 2022
Pilot users confirm functionality and quality
Oct 2022
New platform operating
Dec 2022
System launch

Call for input

If you wish to get more information about the project or want to share your experience or thoughts on using the system, please do not hesitate to contact us at:




Project update December 2022:

Enhanced user experience in MAS