call for resources

REMINDER: Call for e-infrastructure resources 2021.1

Please take note that the call for HPC and Storage proposals for allocation period 2021.1 is nearing its closing deadline; 22 February 2021.

Projects that have expired or will expire 31 March 2021 need to apply to this call. If you already have an active application that is not about to expire, you do not need to renew your proposal unless you want to update your application (i.e., changing resource requests on one or more systems).

Report on scientific results 

For an evaluation with the best possible result it is also a mandatory requirement that project leaders report the scientific results of ongoing projects by linking the allocation project ID to their scientific publications in Cristin. 

Please note that it is necessary to link project numbers for both HPC and storage to the publications. Sigma2 encourages all project leaders to check if their publications are correctly tagged in Cristin and visible in Metacenter Administration System (MAS).

RFK Timeline 2021

More information about mandatory requirements and the timeline defined for upcoming resource allocation in 2021.1