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Short status update on the contribution model

The contribution model will change due to the new Collaboration Agreement with our four university partners.

It is important that all projects budget for e-infrastructure expenses in applications to the Research Council of Norway (RCN). We released a news item with a reminder about this in November 2020: Prices for budgeting costs in applications to the Research Council

We have received several questions regarding what changes to expect. The major change according to the new Collaboration Agreement, signed in February, is that all future projects must be prepared to pay to use the national e-infrastructure.

The implementation details will be worked out in upcoming negotiations for a new collaboration model. Sigma 2’s focus in the negotiations is on giving the projects predictability and reasonable time to adapt to the new model.

We encourage all projects applying for project funding from the RCN in 2021 to include a budget for use of e-infrastructure resources.

We will provide more details as soon as we know more. 

User Contribution Model