Annual Report 2020: Excellent research for a better world

For the first time in a while, Sigma2 has produced an annual report that shows some of the exciting research that is taking place on the national e-infrastructure. Research contributions that in several areas help solve major societal challenges.

We will especially mention FHI's use of the national facilities for Covid-19. Their modelling team has submitted reports to the authorities every week during the pandemic, based on calculations performed with us. Rarely have we experienced results from "our" research so quickly and so close to our own everyday life.

Our climate scientists have also been active. Several of them are now looking forward to running pilot projects on the new supercomputer LUMI located in Finland. It will start up during the year and is a result of European cooperation.
We have not only registered an increasing demand for computing and storage resources from the "ordinary" research environments. We see that the professional environment in more and more areas, such as research on language and mental health, also needs access to computational and storage resources.

Last year, we started a separate competence centre in collaboration with SINTEF and NORCE, The Norwegian Euro Competence Centre for HPC. Small and medium-sized enterprises rarely have the knowledge and capacity to get started with computational science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analysis of big data on their own. Here, the competence centre will be able to provide advice and support to get the companies' activities started.
In the annual report, you can also read more about the service development of Sigma2 over the past year and the international collaborations we participate in.

We hope you enjoy reading our report. 

We enhance excellent research for a better world