Sigma2 enforces password renewal

Since the launching of the new password policy in April, more than 1100 users have taken the opportunity to get only one password across all the Sigma2 e-infrastructure facilites.

In terms of transition into the new system, Sigma2 has during the latest weeks enforced password renewal, with a significant increased level of automatic reminders. As a result, more than 1100 users are included in the new password policy regime.

Accounts will be disabled

As yet, there are still nearly 600 users left to be included. Sigma2 would therefore strongly emphasize the message that all passwords are set to expire on or before 12. July 2020. After this date, user accounts will disabled. Reminders will continuously be sent to each individual user at decreasing intervals before the date of expiry.

Why do we enforce a new password policy?

What this means, is that from the next time you change your password on, the password you set will be the very same for any resource you have access to. This also implies that you from now on only have one password to maintain, regardless of how many of the Sigma2 resources you have access to.

The one-user-one-password policy has very good security measurements and will protect the passwords in the same way as before. A risk assessment has shows that a good security level is ensured.

In addition, if you need access to additional resources later, the process of getting such access is shortened in which the PI (project leader) or XO (executive officer) may give you access to the relevant resources through the project admin interface.