Sigma2 launches a new password policy

Sigma2 is pleased to announce that users will need only one password across all the Sigma2 e-infrastructure facilities

Sigma2 will soon implement a new password-policy which implies that one user has only one password, across all the Sigma2 supercomputers.

What's in it for me?

What this means, is that from the next time you change your password on, the password you set will be the very same for any resource you have access to. This also implies that you from now on only have one password to maintain, regardless of how many of the Sigma2 resources you have access to.

In terms of transition into the new system, we will enforce password renewal over the next two months, with increased level of automatic reminders to do so. Any passwords not updated within 12. July 2020 will be expired and user accounts disabled.

The one-user-one-password policy has very good security measurements and will protect the passwords in the same way as before. A risk assessment has also been performed which shows that a good security level is ensured.

Upgrade of MAS necessary

The change will come with an upgrade of the MAS system you would normally access at, which will include some downtime in order to conduct the upgrade.

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