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Simulating Climate Change

The research community agrees that climate and climate calculations are of great social importance in the future. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the research environments have access to substantial compute resources.

NorESM is an earth system model for simulating climate change. Researchers all over Norway and Europe use this model, which is maintained through the project “Infrastructure for Norwegian Earth System Modeling” (INES). The model is recognised by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who has used research based on NorESM simulations in its climate report.

A climate model is complex, and a typical simulation uses thousands of processor cores simultaneously, preferably over several weeks in a row. NorESM has run up to 25,000 cores on Betzy and GPU porting of the code is underway. This makes the application suitable for testing on the new supercomputer LUMI


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We are almost ‘insatiable’ when it comes to the desire for increased computing power. Many of the projects that depend on carrying out climate simulations would not be conducted on this level of ambition without access to Sigma2’s resources. Our simulations create large amounts of data that must be stored securely, processed efficiently,
found by, and shared with other researchers. At present, only Sigma2 can offer suitable HPC and storage resources that the national climate research community jointly has access to.
Mats Bentsen, Researcher at Norce