Small scale exploratory work

To explore feasibility of the e-infrastructure, it is possible to apply for a small scale allocation for exploratory work (SSEW). Unlike ordinary applications for e-infrastructure, small scale  proposals may be submitted  continuously and outside regular calls. However, small scale HPC allocations available on the supercomuter Fram.

The maximum small scale allocations for compute and storage resources are 10 000 CPU-hours and 5 TB, respectively. 

Who can apply?

Researchers holding a permanent position or being a postdoctoral fellow at his/her organization can apply for a SSEW, as for ordinary applications. In addition, master students, PhD students and guest researchers being affiliated with a Norwegian university or college can also apply for an SSEW allocation

Researchers who are already connected to an HPC project cannot apply for SSEW allocations. 

How to apply?

The project leader application tool is not available for small scale applications. SSEW allocations are only granted on the basis of a simplified free-text application describing:

  • Purpose
  • Anticipated resource needs
  • Software needs

Small scale proposals are submitted by sending a text email to