Illustration of SIgma2´s space at Lefdal Mine Datacenter.

Soon Norway will get considerably greater access to AI capacity

The constant development of systems for automation gives increased focus on research activities within artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This means that the demand for AI resources has accelerated in recent years. It is therefore good news for the AI communities in Norway that the capacity is increasing, both for researchers in academia and industry.


New GPUs, and thus also Norway's next supercomputer, will be installed in Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD), together with the national storage system NIRD. NIRD is currently under installation, as the first of the national facilities to enter the data centre, which was previously a mine. Having GPUs physically near the storage system is an advantage because delays can occur if large amounts of data need to be copied to be processed on another system. At Lefdal the data can be used where they are stored. Illustration: LMD / Sigma2.

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