Formula racing car in cityscape setting. Photo.

Speedy cars with HPC

Each year Revolve NTNU sets out to develop a Formula Student race car. Revolve is a voluntary student organization that strives to give each student an early introduction to the working life, where they get experience in the application of theory and project planning. In the later stages of the year, the team produces and assembles the car, which is then used to compete throughout Europe against the best teams in the world.

The wing package of the car consists of high-lift airfoils aiming to improve the grip of the car during cornering. Thanks to Sigma2 they can continuously iterate on and improve the performance of our wing package through advanced CFD modelling. A simulation run on supercomputer Betzy is usually finished within a couple of hours, allowing the team to achieve an efficient workflow resulting in over 1300 design iterations being performed last year. 

While most of the work done through HPC is CFD, we also run FEM analysis to map the structural integrity of our suspension parts throughout every experienced load case during an event.

Racing car simulations
Racing car. Photo.
Photos by Trond He.