Do you need extra capacity for development?

Do you need extra capacity for development? The Metacenter support organisation now offers extended service for projects temporarily needing more resources for development.

To ensure efficient use of the compute nodes and give users fair access to the resources, jobs on our supercomputers are divided into different types, which determine where and how they are run.

The priority setup of the various job types has been designed to be as predictable and easy to understand as possible, while trying to maximize the utilisation of the cluster. 

Temporary developement jobs 

For development jobs, for example, there is a special priority setup for short jobs meant for quick developement. However, it might be quite challenging to fulfill all development needs with only one permanent setup.

Therefore, if you have proven needs for temporary development, and those needs do not fit into the ordinary developement QoS, the Metacenter support experts will try to help you solve the problem. Please send any questions to

Detailed information about various job types and the principles behind job types priorities can be found at