User contributions for SFF and INFRASTRUCTURE programs

In consultation with the Research Council, user contributions (partly payment) for national e-infrastructure has been introduced on the SFF and INFRASTRUCTURE programs.


USER CONTRIBUTION MODEL: Specifications and detailed information

There are ongoing discussions with the Research Council and the four oldest universities about which other programs should be included and when this will happen. According to the information given to Sigma2, only the two mentioned programs require user contrutions for the use of e-infrastructure (user payment), until further notice.

We advise all researchers to check the individual program's documentation for updated information when applying for research resources in a program. If there is a discrepancy between the information from Sigma2 and the Research Council, the Research Council's information will always be authoritative and overriding.

Commercial research projects or projects with a need for dedicated resources can apply for access to our services by paying a yearly or bi-yearly fee for a fixed agreed quota.

How do we proceed?

Sigma2 will in short time contact relevant SFF and INFRASTRUCTURE projects directly to discuss the introduction of user contributions and how to best adapt to the new rules.

Secondly, an updated version of the user contribution model will be sent to our administrative contacts at the universities for input.