User contribution model for the national e-infrastructure

Preparations are ongoing for introduction of the user contribution model and increasing the funding base for the national e-infrastructure.


USER CONTRIBUTION MODEL: Specifications and detailed information

In 2016 the first proposal for a user contribution model was shared with our community and a survey gave useful feedback. This feedback has been incorporated into the updated version of the model and tested on some funding programs from the Research Council of Norway. 

The user contribution model has been introduced only on the SFF and INFRASTRUCTURE programs so far. This has been done in close consultation with the Research Council. During the months from November 2017 until today, Sigma2 has been in dialogue with relevant projects from the above mentioned programs to discuss the introduction of user contributions and how to best adapt to the new rules.

In parallel, there have been further discussions between Sigma2, the Research Council as well as the four oldest universities about which other programs to be included and when this will happen. 


Updated  version ready

An updated version of the user contribution model for funding of the national e-infrastructure is now ready. The major changes to the original proposal are:

  1. Size of the projects affected by the model

    The original proposal related the definition of "Large projects" to consumption of resources.  This has now been changed to be related to the size of the funding from the Research Council of Norway. Projects using High Performance Computing will have to contribute towards the operational expenses if their main funding is from 15 MNOK and upwards. Hence there is no incentive any more to split large applications for compute resources into smaller parts.

    For project storage, all projects with allocations of 10 TB or more will have to pay a yearly fee. Archiving is still free, thus many projects will benefit from making more of their data public.

  2. Projects with international funding

    Projects funded by EU grants or other funding sources outside of Norway will not have to contribute with payments. This change has been made in order to not affect the competitiveness for Norwegian partners compared to countries where e-infrastructure are still free of payment for projects.

Please note: The introduction of this model will not be retroactive. Projects which have already secured funding from the Research Council will not be affected by the introduction of this model. Only projects with fresh funding will have to pay.

The updated model will shortly be sent to our administrative contacts at the universities for input. Then we will hopefully have a sound model which the Sigma2 board can approve before this summer. The prices in the model have not been changed since the first proposal.


How will the model affect your research?

All projects that are in specific need of e-infrastructure and applying for research resources in 2018, must budget for the cost of e-infrastructure resources in their applications to the Research Council of Norway (RNC) if the total budget of the project exceed 15 MNOK OR if the project  will need more than 10 TB of storage space.

We strongly advise all researchers to check the documentation of the individual RCN program for updated information when applying for funding. If there is a discrepancy between the information from Sigma2 and the Research Council, please let us know. 


Consequences for commercial projects?

Commercial research projects or projects with a need for dedicated resources can always apply for access to our services by paying accordingly. 


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