Internasjonale samarbeid

Denne siden blir i løpet av sommeren 2024 tilgjengelig på norsk.

Sigma2 is actively involved in numerous international initiatives and collaborations within the high-performance computing and data infrastructure field.

Our primary reason for participation is that we recognise the limitations of operating in isolation. The primary motivation to participate is that Norway does not have sufficient critical mass and funding to adequately develop and maintain e-infrastructure services that comprehensively meet the needs of Norwegian researchers. This includes staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in hardware, software, standards, and policies.

Therefore, our mission is to enhance our national e-infrastructure services by engaging in European collaborations. This way, Norwegian research teams can reap the benefits of international cooperation, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge resources and expertise.

The LUMI cabinets.
Through Sigma2, Norway owns a part of the EuroHPC Supercomputer LUMI. Photo by Fade Creative.

Our collaborations across the borders

Visit the links below to read more about the different international initiatives.