NAIC kick off: Shaping the Technology Future together


Finally, an initiative to gather infrastructure resources, expertise, and support that will make a tremendous difference in research and the use of artificial intelligence in Norway.

Sigma2 is proud to be involved in NAIC. The Norwegian AI community, inspired by the growth in AI exploration, has come together to launch the Norwegian AI Cloud (NAIC) project. This initiative aims to gather and share resources effectively for research and society.

Illustration of people collaborating in a technological environment.

NAIC was recently officially celebrated in Oslo: -This collaboration and the pooling of AI resources and competencies will benefit society, driving progress and accelerating innovation, said Hans Eide, Special Adviser in Sigma2, In the panel discussion with the project partners.

While AI thrives in academia and larger organisations, smaller communities and startups often face resource challenges. NAIC is set to address this by becoming Norway's leading AI infrastructure, offering computational resources, data-sharing opportunities, and fostering expertise development. This will elevate Norwegian AI research to international excellence.

We're thrilled to be a part of the collaboration, alongside the University of Oslo (UiO) (Project Leader), the University of Bergen (UiB), NTNU, UiT The Artic University of Tromsø, the University of Agder (UiA), Simula Research Laboratory and NORCE Norwegian Research Centre - all united by a shared vision to elevate Norwegian AI research to international excellence! The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council.