NIRD Service Platform

Researchers require various services to explore, process, transfer, and analyse data. However, managing these services can be challenging, taking valuable time away from research.

That is why cloud services operated on 3rd party infrastructure, conveniently accessed over the internet, have become so popular.

With our NIRD Service Platform, you get the advantage of cloud services running on the same infrastructure as the data is stored on, i.e.,on NIRD. You consume data (of any size) directly on NIRD without the hassle of moving the data from NIRD.

Analytic workflows become easier and quicker, saving you time and effort.

The NIRD Service Platform offers preinstalled scientific software available on demand through the NIRD Toolkit.


Students and researchers at Norwegian universities and research institutions.

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Apply through regular calls or in between resource allocation periods.

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Fee of charge for NIRD Storage users.

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What is the NIRD Service Platform

NIRD Service Platform is a platform to run cloud services, such as web services, domain and community-specific portals, and tools for data visualization, pre/post-processing, data discovery and data sharing.

The service platform offers dedicated resources for data sharing and computing with large datasets. Here you can effortlessly process and share data with your preferred tools, such as

  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Jupyter Hub
  • Spark
  • R-Studio

Or any tool you need. You can also use the NIRD Service Platform to support S3 services.

Seamless data services

NIRD Service Platform can host any service. Services can have a permanent web address or be launched on-demand on the NIRD Toolkit.

Getting started guide for NIRD Toolkit

You can also enjoy the resources on the infrastructure through a dedicated virtual environment.

Enjoy seamless data services that empower you to concentrate on your research without being weighed down by IT tasks. If your preferred tool is not available, worry not! We can easily create and deploy it on the NIRD Service Platform.

Usage scenarios and access

All users of NIRD Data Peak or NIRD Data Lake can launch services on the NIRD Service Platform.

Please refer to our Data Policy for information on data classification.

Run you favourite web-based services

On the NIRD Service Platform, you can run your favourite web-based tools or portals to analyse and visualise massive amounts of data stored on NIRD – all in one place, without moving data.

Use on-demand data analytic services

On-demand data analytics services, such as AI/ML algorithm, JupyterHub and Jupyter Notebook are also available through NIRD Toolkit.
What services does NIRD Toolkit offer?

  • Apache Spark
  • RStudio
  • Jupyter
  • JupyterHub
  • MinIO
  • Deep Learning Tools

The NIRD Toolkit can be enriched with even more tools. Please contact us if you can´t find your favourite tool.

Dedicated virtual environment

On the NIRD Service Platform, you can have a dedicated virtual environment (we call it a “login container”) to run data-intensive pre-/post-processing analysis without queuing the system and without moving data.

The login containers can be customised with tools specific to the project and powered with virtual CPUs, RAM and eventually GPUs.

To launch a web-based service / portal with a permanent web address, or get a dedicted terminal / virtual environment send an email to

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Research activities

You might also need

We offer many services that you may need in addition to the NIRD Service Platform. Under the National Infrastructure for Research Data (NIRD) umbrella we offer a range of storage services designed to support scientific research in every step of the research data lifecycle. Below, you can see a few selected ones, and if you visit our services overview, you will find all we have on offer.

The NIRD Service Platform going forward

Take a look at the roadmap for the development of the NIRD Service Platform to follow the progress of the service: