Joint forces towards open life science data


Looking back at 2023, ELIXIR Norway together with the Norwegian research infrastructure services (NRIS) have worked to further advance tools for life sciences research through the facilitation of data management planning, data sharing and -storage.

This fruitful collaboration will continue into a new year to further adopt to the infrastructure needs of life scientists.

Abstract concept

Data management, for life scientists by life scientists

With the expanding need for data infrastructure across life sciences, data management systems become increasingly important. One of Elixir`s goals is to ease the data collection and data documentation process, to ensure the researcher always knows what data and metadata to keep even years before they wish to publish the results and data. Life science is known to be an increasingly data-driven science.

It is important now more than ever to have an overview of what data and metadata to collect and store. ELIXIR Norway and Sigma2 aim to facilitate this work and tailor tools to fit the needs of life scientists. Supported in part by the Advanced User Support (AUS) NRIS User Liaison project, the Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) is one of Elixir`s advancing tools towards this goal, and its integration with the NeLS platform – the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Sciences.

NeLS in a new guise

User interface improvements have been made in NeLS making data management plans easier to use and the data more organized at the right time. New functions have been developed to manage projects according to good data management principles. These new and upgraded functions include more fine-grained control of data access for people within collaboration projects and improved self-service capabilities of project leads and data managers.


ELIXIR is a pan-European infrastructure for life science data, aiming to support life science researchers in data management, storage and sharing of data across institutions. Other projects where Sigma2 and ELIXIR Norway collaborate are the COVID data portal project BY-COVID and data sharing in Federated EGA.