Performance Analysis and Optimisation workshop

This two-day workshop in Oslo targets advanced LUMI users and developers who seek to enhance their code’s efficiency.

Participants will engage in detailed lessons on code profiling and optimisation, followed by practical demos and exercises.

The course will give attendees the knowledge required to understand their application performance and what opportunities there are for optimisation.

Date and time

Start: Jun 11 2024 09:00
End: Jun 12 2024 16:00

Target Audience

Advanced LUMI users and developers

Organised by

LUMI HPC Centre og Excellence, AMD and LUMI User Support Team (LUST).

Sponsor: Norwegian AI Cloud

Event information

The course is intended for users with ongoing projects on LUMI, users with project proposals in one of the national or EuroHPC channels, and support staff of local organizations of the LUMI consortium members.

This workshop is an in-person event in Oslo only, and the venue is at the University of Oslo in Norway. Attendance are free of charge, but participants are responsible themselves for all travel bookings.

Several staff members from HPE, AMD and LUST will be on-site, so this is the perfect moment for interaction with them.


The workshop consists of a mix of short lectures, live demos and hands-on exercises, that cover the following key topics:

  • Running CPU and GPU profilers and analyzing the output
  • Identifying bottlenecks in applications
  • Mitigation of the most common performance bottlenecks (for example serial code performance, application placement, MPI, data movement and I/O, GPU occupancy, registers occupancy, strided data access pattern
  • Expert advice on achieving optimal performance on the LUMI platform for your application