Materials and molecular modelling with Quantum ESPRESSO

Are you new to and interested in learning to use Quantum Espresso?

Please check out this sprint training initiative on the Quantum ESPRESSO code.

The course is online and free of charge for all participants.

Date and time

Start: Jun 19 2024 00:00
End: Jun 21 2024 00:00

Target Audience

Researchers interested in the Quantum ESPRESSO code

Organised by

MaX (Materials design at the eXascale), in collaboration with six NCCs

The course is a part of the Sprint Training series, a joint activity between NCCs and CoEs.

About the course

The course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover the primary features of the Quantum ESPRESSO code. The emphasis is on practical skill development and the course strikes a balance between theory and application, offering a hands-on learning experience.

It caters to a beginner to intermediate level, aiming to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for the effective utilization of Quantum ESPRESSO in their research and academic pursuits.

The school plans to cover the main features of the code and provide basic user skills such as compilation, simple scripting, choice of parallel options, and similar.


The school is designed for participants with a background in condensed matter physics or chemistry interested in learning to use Quantum ESPRESSO.