Enhanced user experience in MAS


The administration system MAS is a software solution that supports our application and resource processes.

MAS has been in use since 2010, and we have recently conducted a project to enhance the user experience for you.


The three most significant changes in this version of MAS are:

  1. We have changed the data model concerning projects to centre the processes around your research activity rather than our services. It is now easier to publish new services, and the user experience is more streamlined for both PIs and other users. MAS is now equipped with functionality that enables us to adopt project registers from the Research Council of Norway and others in the future to simplify the application process for you.

  2. We have implemented functionality that allows for the automatic evaluation of applications that meet a configured set of criteria. This functionality is for the smallest applications that Sigma2 can administratively evaluate.

  3. We have rewritten the user administration form for the projects. Among other things, now it is possible to bulk-update the access permissions for each project.