Apply for e-infrastructure resources

Researchers can apply for an allocation on several computing and storage facilities in the national e-infrastructure. Below we explain how you can apply for allocations on the Sigma2 resources.

Projects that already have an allocation but need an increased quota in the current period can apply for an extra allocation.

Note that applications for SSEW (Small scale exploratory work) and AUS (Advanced User support) are submitted by e-mail.
If you need temporary resources to conduct a course or workshop, see Course Resources as a Service (CRaaS).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions before applying.

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Please read the guide below before applying.

Guide on how to apply for resources

How are resources granted?

Resources on the national e-infrastructure are granted on a period basis. Each period lasts for 6 months, between 1 April to 30 September and 1 October to 31 March.
Allocations are mainly granted through a call for resources prior to each period, where projects submit applications for resources before a set deadline on each call.

Deadlines vary but are usually in February and August. We announce all calls for resources in due time on our website.

The Resource Allocation Committee evaluates all applications submitted within the deadline. The evaluation is done based on scientific merit.
Applications submitted after the deadline will be processed once the period has started. Note that HPC applications submitted after the deadline will receive a lower scheduling priority than ordinary applications. This does not apply to applications for new projects.

Allocations during a period

Even though we strongly encourage projects to apply within the calls, we will accept applications during periods. Such applications are consecutively processed by Sigma2 within a couple of working days, though there may be challenges in meeting the needs in some cases, depending on available resources.

We assume that the allocated quota is consumed linearly throughout the period.

New projects - who can apply?

Who can apply?

Individuals and groups from the following Norwegian organizations can apply for access to the resources in the national e-infrastructure:

The resources in the national e-infrastructure are available for research and education, but written agreements may be established with Sigma2 for other usage of the resources. Organizations that do not fall in the above categories, but that would like to have access, should contact Sigma2.

Costs for using the e-infrastructure

HPC, Storage services and TSD services are subject to a user contribution model. As of today, cost for the resources will depend on the funding supporting the research project.

Due to upcoming changes in the collaboration agreement with the four partner universities, the contribution model will change in the near future.
Please refer to this news article for more information.

Project leadership criteria

The applicant must either hold a permanent position, be a postdoctoral fellow or be a temporary employed researcher at his/her organization. Master students, PhD students and guest researchers cannot apply directly, but must do this via a colleague (e.g., supervisor) that holds a permanent position or is a postdoctoral fellow at the organization

The qualified user has to be project leader for the project, but it is possible for other researchers to be assigned as assistant project leaders, so called executive officers (XO).

Apply for a new project

Existing projects - already a user?

Already a user?

Users with existing national e-infrastructure projects may renew their projects or apply for extra resources through the Administration System, MAS.
Note that only project leaders or executive officers can apply for quota.

Renew project
If you want to apply for the current or upcoming period.

Extra application
When you already have an allocation but need more resources.