User Contribution Model (Pricing)

HPC, Storage services and TSD services are subject to the contribution model. The cost of the resources will depend on the funding supporting the research project.


In consultation with the Norwegian Research Council, Sigma2 introduced a user contribution model in June 2018. This will align the policies for user contribution with other national research infrastructures and increase the funding base for national e-infrastructure. 

Four price categories

The model introduces four different categories of contributors. 

  • Category A 
    Large HPC-projects with funding from the Norwegian Research Council of 15 MNOK or more, or any storage project with funding from the Norwegian Research Council with needs above 10 TiB, paying for operational expenses
  • Category B
    Non-commercial projects needing Dedicated Resources, paying for capital and operational expenses
  • Category C
    Commercial research and industry which will pay the full cost price
  • Category 0
    Non-contributing projects which are smaller projects not in any of the above categories

The principles that set the foundation for the contribution model, are explained in detail in the user contribution model specifications listed in the table below.

Costs of the Services

The table reports the costs for the resources for categories 0 and A. For these categories, the allocation of the resources will be on a per-period basis and is subject to an evaluation of the Resource Allocation Committee. Prices and allocation mechanisms for the other categories can be found in the User Contribution model document listed below.

Table presenting the costs of services
Category Service Cost (NOK)
0 CPU hours  0
A CPU hours  0.07
0 and A Project Storage < 10 TB 0
0 and A Project Storage > 10 TB 1090.0/TB per year
0 and A Sensitive Data CPU hours 0
0 and A Sensitive Data Storage < 10 TB 0
0 and A Sensitive Data Storage > 10 TB 1000.0/TB per year
0 and A Sensitive Data Backup  400.0/TB per year


  • Only projects which applied for funding and got a grant after June 2018 will be subjected to the contribution model, except SSF and FORINFRA-projects for which the contribution model is applicable since January 2018
  • Invoicing for Storage (TB) and HPC (CPU hours) will be done yearly, covering the usage between 1 October to 30 September next year. Invoicing for TSD resources will be sent by the TSD administration
  • Projects in Category A, such as SSF and FORINFRA-projects, can select one of the two possible invoicing mechanisms
    • contribute the total budgeted amount for e-infrastructure expenses in the budget (as specified in the approved budget with the RCN) 
    • contribute according to the resources spent every period (pay-as-you-go).

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User contribution model specifications

The following list shows revisions of the contribution model in reverse chronological order, with the current version at the top

09.01.2019: Revision F

25.06.2018: Revision E

22.03.2017: Revision D

08.07.2016: Revision 0.5