How to apply for resources

Step 1

1. Go to the front page of MAS, at
2. Use the link titled "Admin login" to log in with Feide or OpenIdP

MAS front page admin link


Step 2

1. Use this option if you use Feide from your institution
2. If your institition do not have Feide, you can use OpenIdP to login. You need to register for an account in advance at

MAS login options



Step 3

Once logged in, use the top navigation and go to Projects - Applications.

MAS applications menu


New project

If you need to apply for a new project, scroll further down on the page and find "New project".
Use the link "Apply for resources for new project" to go to the application forms.

MAS apply for new project

Existing projects

1. This field shows the last period you have a valid application for.
2. Use "Renew app." to submit a regular application for resources.
3. If you already have an allocation for the current period, but need extra resources you can use this link.


MAS existing projects options